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Special Products

TPI offers a vast range of special customized tailor made fabricated products on request. These products are fabricated with utmost attention & precision to meet most critical & complex designs. Some of these products are -

1. Flow Tee A Flow Tee, like Barred Tee, is a specialized fitting that facilitates the passage of pipeline pigs past tee connections where flow bypass often leaving pigs stranded without restricting product flow. The Flow Tee is effective even for full-diameter branch openings. The key to the Flow Tee is its radial flow design, which provides an inner sleeve to direct the pig through the primary line, past the branch. Flow holes in the sleeve and the annular cavity provide a flow area at least equal to the flow area of the branch line, permitting full product flow through the tee during normal operations.

Flow Tees can be supplied for all pipeline sizes, with any size of reducing branch, and to meet any ANSI rating or have the same pressure rating as the host pipeline. Flow Tee can also be provided with flanged end connections.

Flow Tee

Lateral Tee

2. Lateral Tee It permits odd-angled entry into the run of the pipe, where low resistance to flow is important. Straight laterals with branch bore equal to run bore are available in standard and XS weights. Reducing laterals and laterals at angles other than 45 degrees are usually available only to special order. Reinforcement is required where it is necessary to restore the strength of the joint, to the full strength of the pipe.

3. Barred Tee A barred tee is a tee used in pipelines that are pigged. The tee has a restriction bar welded internally preventing the pig / scrapper from travelling down a branch connection. The bars are installed with the inside diameter of the pipeline to keep the pig from hanging up when it passes through.

Barred Tee

Hot Tap Sleeve Tee

4. Hot Tap Sleeve Tee Hot Tapping or Pressure Tapping is the method of making a connection to existing Piping or Vessels without the interruption of emptying that section of Pipe or Vessel.Hot Tapping enables to safely tie into a pressurized system while it is on stream & under pressure.Hot Tapping Sleeve Tee is a range of tapping tees that allow flanged connection to be made to an existing fluid pressurized system without disrupting the fluid supply.

5. Miter This is made by making angular cuts in a straight run of pipe and then welding the cuts together after they have been rolled to a different angle.



Jacketed Fittings

6. Y Piece As the name implies, this fitting is "Y" shaped. The branch runs out from the run port at an angle other than 90 degree.Wyes are similar to tees except that the branch line is angled to reduce friction that could hamper the flow and the connection is typically at a 45-degree angle rather than a 90-degree angle. If a branch turns out at the end to be perpendicular to the through line, the fitting becomes a "Tee Wye".

7. Jacketed Fittings The major components of a process system are steel tanks, vessels, pumps & valves and these components are usually interconnected by steel piping & fittings. In the Food, Dairy & Confectionery Industries changes in temperature in the product stream, as it flows through the system can lead to either thermal damage or rapid increases in viscosity, partial crystallization and possibly solidification. To avoid or minimize these problems and maintain the required temperature in the steel piping, a jacket can be attached. This results in a concentric tube in tube arrangement, allowing a fluid to flow across the outer surface of the process piping and transfer heat to (or from) the product stream.