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Pipe Spools

A pipe spool is an assimilation of piping components, which is prefabricated in a piping shop, for installation in the field. They are often flanged to facilitate the connection to other spools.The fabrication of these spools in the advanced countries is normally performed by specialist fabrication companies which are equipped with the required infrastructure. In India, this activity is predominantly done at site by employing huge labor force and semi – automatic machines. Although this activity appears relatively straightforward, the specialist fabricators have the necessary wherewithal to do so in a consistently accurate manner. The specialist fabricators work under defined set of quality management criteria to ensure the accuracy of fabrication in order to achieve the proper fit at site and to maintain the required technical parameters defined by the clients.

TPI has taken the initiative to supply prefabricated pipe spools in an organized way for the very first time in India. This is a logical step forward keeping in view the company’s leadership position in the pipe fitting industry and the required infrastructure of covered sheds, modern fabrication & testing (radiography etc.) equipments and skilled & experienced manpower, which it possesses.

The user industry will increasingly gain from procuring ready to fit or assemble, prefabricated (in controlled environments) pipe spools, in many ways than one.

  Cost Savings in Fabrication, Inspection & Testing

•   Quality of the work is easier to manage & maintain in a controlled environment. High accuracies on specified tolerances will avoid rework      at site.

•   Weather independent fabrication will minimize production delays.

•   Prefabricated Spools are the perfect answer to severe skill & labor shortage. Users do not have to mobilize significant work force for     fabrication of spools on site.

•   Economies of Scale will result in lesser costs of fabrication in mass production vis – a – vis on – site fabrication.

•   Prefabricated Spools will take lesser fabrication / assembly time, thereby avoiding time & cost overruns.

•   Prefabricated Spools will entail no or little investments in fabrication & testing equipments by users. Radiography, PMI, MPI, Ultrasonic     tests, Hydro tests etc. can be performed better & effectively in controlled environments.

•   Prefabricated Spools will be serviced under the strict vigilance of Third Party Inspection Agencies, ensuring 100% adherence to required     quality standards.

•   Better control on welding parameters in controlled environments resulting in lesser probability of rework at site.

•   Weld less Induction Bends would entail complete avoiding of welding pipe sections using SR elbows, thereby bringing in significant cost     savings in welding, radiography of welding joints & material requirements.

•   Lesser dependency on power availability, avoiding unnecessary time delays.

•   Improved safety in better manufacturing conditions than on site.

•   Fabricating spools off site means less slag, abrasive dust, smoke & other contaminants which are unacceptable in highly hygienic food     processing & other industries.

  Cost Savings in Materials Management

•   Accurate material planning will save on inventory costs.

•   Easier materials management, reducing administration / management expenses, material handling costs, pilferage, material damages etc.

•   Efficient & Better use of limited space at congested sites.

•   Savings in warehousing costs.

•   Minimum wastages.

•   On time deliveries in full, every time (OTIF) means lesser follow ups.

•   JIT (Just – in – time) deliveries of ready – to – fit spools mean hedging against Quantity fluctuations which may result in saddling with     slow or non – moving items.

  Cost Savings in Working Capital Management

•   Efficient material procurement will result in lesser inventories & working capital requirements.

•   JIT deliveries of Prefabricated Spools would mean hedging against Price Volatility.

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