IT System

TPI employs a very user friendly, in – house designed ERP system to seamlessly integrate all its business processes.

The company took the initiative of developing its ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system in house, from the point of view of incorporating all the possible data needs & requirements of its employees, customers, vendors & various stakeholders.

The ERP system supports the company’s business processes & helps in avoiding duplication of data management activities at several points across functions.

The system is designed to respond to the business environment with utmost agility. Right from the point of receiving customers’ enquiries, through the intermediate stages of order processing, to the final order execution, the customers are kept informed about their order status which ultimately helps in doing the needful planning at their end.

The system runs on LAN (Local Area Network) which is supported with range of data storage servers & high speed internal data communication lines to ensure fast, reliable & safe data transfer & exchange.

The company also has a modern ERP development centre which continuously works on further augmenting & enhancing the systems features & capabilities. The company plans to extend data accessibilities to key customers & vendors as a part of its strategic initiative of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) & Vendor Relationship Management (VRM).